New Zealand Milk UK is extending its Anchor brand into convenience foods. Anchor Fresh Thinking is "a mixture of fantastic fresh ingredients and pure butter" said MD Simon Tuckey. Blends are supplied as a 60g sausage which customers cut into discs that they can then "melt, drizzle, stir" over pasta, meat, fish or grilled vegetables. The blends include hot chilli pepper, Italian mountain Gorgonzola, flame roasted red peppers with sweet pimento, and fresh grated horseradish with Dijon and grain mustards. The new chilled product builds on the fact that almost half of the Anchor butter consumed in this country is used as an ingredient for cooking. All the blends are being made in batches at a £250,000 kitchen newly installed at Swindon. The "sausage" sits on a clear tray on which the discs can be cut, and has a clear lid that provides a tight seal to ensure no smells leak into the fridge. Tuckey said the company had scoured the world for the best ingredients and all the Fresh Thinking combinations were entirely natural with no additives, preservatives, artificial colours or stabilisers. The brand is currently being trialled in 157 larger Safeway stores at 99p each and is positioned next to chilled poultry, meat, fish and pasta. Rsp will be between £1.29 and £1.39 depending on the particular blend. {{MARKETING - P&P }}