Tesco is trialling new vacuum packaging for chilled beef steak cuts in Express stores.
The packs offer greatly extended shelf lives - nearly two weeks in-store.
Vacuum packs are commonly used in supermarkets for high-odour products such as smoked fish, as well as value bacon and large roasting joints. But their use on meat has otherwise been limited, though Sainsbury uses them for its Jamie Oliver Taste The Difference beef cuts.
Labelling advises shoppers that the "new packaging keeps meat fresh for longer". It also states: "Meat colour blooms to bright red on opening within 2-3 minutes. Meat continues to mature and tenderise in this packaging. Vacuum packaging retains the juices and flavour."
A Tesco spokeswoman said: "We are trialling this in some of our Express stores to enable us to give our customers greater availability of fresh meat."