British asparagus growers say there is currently no cause for concern ahead of the UK season, despite parts of Britain suffering their wettest January in 40 years.

Asparagus is one of the earliest and most high-profile British-grown crops and the season lasts from April to July.

Plants were currently dormant and it was therefore “the right time of year for it to be wet”, said Chris Chinn, partner at Cobrey Farms, which supplies the mults, including M&S, which sources 100% of its asparagus from Cobrey. “It’s not doom and gloom at all on that aspect. If it’s like that in three months, then it will be.”

Another large supplier to the mults, Evesham Vale Growers, said its farms had experienced a lot of rainfall but its asparagus fields were on sandy, free-draining land and had not been affected.

It was difficult to tell at this point what this year’s British crop would yield, said commercial director David Shepherd. “It’s all down to the temperatures during the growing season,” he said. “Once we get to this year’s season and as we get some decent air temperatures and soil temperatures, then we should be OK.”