Restrictions are in place at a Bernard Matthews poultry farm after an outbreak of bird flu.

Tests by Defra have ruled out the H5 and H7 strains of the virus, which can pose a threat to humans. Defra said it was waiting on more lab tests before it would consider easing restrictions at the farm.

“As it stands they’re under restrictions and we’re finding out more,” a Defra spokeswoman said today. “It’s low risk to public health.”

A spokeswoman for Bernard Matthews said the outbreak was of the non-pathogenic type and no cull of birds was necessary. “It will have no effect on food safety,” she said.

Bernard Matthews reported the incident to Defra after noticing symptoms of bird flu over the weekend. The farm in question is a breeder farm with around 5,000 birds, which have yet to start laying eggs. “It is very much contained to that farm,” the spokeswoman added.