Booths has revamped the packaging across its own-label steak range to emphasise provenance, extend shelf life and improve visibility at point of sale.

During the packing process with the new skin packaging, air is removed from the product, improving shelf life and quality.

Booths said the use of skin packs for sirloin, fillet, rump, sandwich and frying steaks was a significant step forward. “The new packs offer a longer shelf life, and allow the customer to clearly see the quality of the meat,” said Booths meat buyer Nigel Cokell.

The new own-label packaging also emphasises provenance, in line with wider changes across Booths’ meat range. It states that the products are from British farmers and prepared at Booths’ butchery in Preston.

Cokell claimed Booths’ commitment to local farmers and ownership of its own meat preparation facility had worked in its favour in the wake of ‘Horsegate’. “We take pride that the meat we sell is of high quality and produced with integrity.” That had been reflected in recent sales growth of beef products, as customers trusted Booths and its farmers, he added.