British Lion Eggs is gearing up for the second phase of its campaign warning manufacturers against using eggs from illegal battery cages.

The latest trade press campaign follows last year’s activity in the lead up to the EU’s 1 January 2012 deadline for member states to convert to colony cage production systems.

Three ads - showing poached eggs, egg-fried rice and fried eggs - will run in foodservice titles, and ads with meringue, custard tart and mayonnaise will run in the retail and manufacturing trade press. Each ad questions the legality of the egg in the product.

Most shell eggs sold in the UK are British Lion approved and so compliant, but British Lion fears illegal eggs will still be used in manufactured foods. Producers in 13 EU states are non-compliant, and manufactured foods contain high proportions of imported egg.

“We’re not saying ‘do not import’. The message is: ensure products you’re buying are legally compliant,” said Ian Jones, vice-chairman of British Lion Egg Processors.

Last week, it was revealed that some UK producers are still using battery cages. British Lion condemned this as “illegal and grossly unfair on the vast majority of UK producers”.