A group of Kentish apple growers is looking to boost new year sales of Cameo apples with an apple-themed diet plan.

Developed by nutritionist Esther Roberts, the plan covers breakfasts, smoothies and main meals - all created on an apple base. The growers hope it will highlight apples’ low calorie and fat and high nutritional content in general, and draw attention to Cameo’s good availability post-Christmas.

“Cameo is ideal for a calorie-conscious start to the year because of its unusually good keeping quality it maintains its flavour and texture into the spring, when other British apples can be hard to find,” they said. Roberts added: “By putting Cameo apples at the heart of the diet, consumers are making a very healthy choice that also supports British apple growers.”

The diet plan can be accessed via the cameoapple.co.uk website.