Icelandic Group has applied to trademark a raft of variants of The Saucy Fish Co in a bid to futureproof the ‘Saucy’ brand against potential rivals.

It has submitted applications for The Saucy bird, cow, duck, lamb, pig and chick ‘Company’ and ‘Co’ trademarks.

The registrations were part of Icelandic’s long-term brand strategy but no product launches were imminent, said group sales and marketing director Simon Smith.

“IGUK wishes to ensure that its investment and future brand growth is not restricted and so is in the process of securing registration for these future brands and product sectors.”

The success of The Saucy Fish Co had led to many companies trying to “copycat” the brand, not only in fish but also in other categories, he added.

Icelandic registered The Saucy Fish Co in 2009 and The Saucy Meat Co in 2010.

Since its launch, The Saucy Fish brand has racked up considerable brand equity, with annual sales of about £35m. It also became the first fish brand to make the annual CoolBrands list last year, alongside the likes of apple and Aston Martin.