Marfrig Group - the Brazilian owner of Moy Park - is to work with its global suppliers to reduce their carbon emissions after an audit revealed they were responsible for most of the company’s total carbon output.

In the latest phase of its Global Greenhouse Gases Emissions Inventory, the world’s biggest poultry exporter found that 95% of its total carbon emissions came from sources not under its direct control. These included the emissions from ruminants, the production of grains used in animal feed and third-party transportation of products to clients.

“This finding allows us to focus efforts on building a joint GHG reduction effort with suppliers,” said Clever Avila, director of sustainability.

Marfrig had already measured its direct carbon emissions from its own sources, as well as indirect emissions from power it purchases, in 2010.

The company is already half way towards hitting its target of reducing emissions by 30% by 2020, having achieved a 15% reduction by improving effluent treatment systems and by replacing fossil fuels with renewable sources.

The Inventory covered 315 Marfrig sites.