Müller is on a mission to become the luxurious brand of choice in yoghurts and potted desserts with the launch of a new range of low-fat indulgent desserts and the relaunch of Amore.

Hitting shelves on Monday, Müllerlight Desserts join the existing Müllerlight yoghurt range and come in Mischievous Milk Chocolate, Frivolous Fudge and Wickedly White Chocolate flavours (rsp: £2.19 a four-pack). Each 100g pot contains 99 calories.

“Consumers continue to demand indulgent flavours, creamy textures and treat appeal, but without the guilt factor,” said Müller dairy marketing and R&D director Michael Inpong.

Their rollout comes as Müller attempts to breathe new life into Amore with a relaunch and the replacement of some flavours with new ones such as Tease Me, Please Me Peaches and Cream, and Caress Me Coconut and Vanilla.

The desserts, which contain a blend of yoghurt and whipping cream, will be available in twin-packs (rsp £1.69) - replacing single pots - also from Monday.

“The new packaging and flavours help to communicate the heightened luxury and opulence,” said Inpong.