Kavli is revamping its Primula cheese brand to highlight its foodie credentials and charitable status to appeal to younger shoppers.

New-look dark blue packs will feature prominent pictures of food and will reintroduce the Primula Milk Maid - the brand’s original icon, which last appeared on packs in 2003.

Kavli is owned by the Kavli Trust, which is a charitable organisation, and the new packaging will include an on-pack flash highlighting the fact that profits from Primula go to charity.

The new packs are rolling out to the mults later this month and will be supported by an above-the-line campaign, including digital and in-store activity as well as a TV ad, which goes live on 27 November.

Consumer research suggested younger shoppers did not fully understand what Primula had to offer, said marketing director Craig Brooks: “By giving the brand a bold new look, we have increased our desirability amongst this target audience.” The new look would also emphasise Primula’s ethical credentials and link to charity, and help communicate the fact it had a higher cheese content than other spreads, he added.