Tesco is introducing a Cheddar with 50% less salt.

Produced by Cheshire-based Joseph Heler, the mild Cheddar is sold as a Tesco standard own label product. It rolled into more than 600 stores on Monday (22 April), rsp: £1.88 for a 350g pack.

Cheesemakers have traditionally struggled to cut the salt content of cheese for technical and food safety reasons. “Heler’s Reduced Salt Mild Cheddar is set to make significant changes within the category,” said Tesco cheese buyer David Chamberlain.

Using calcium and potassium, in addition to sodium, Heler claims the cheese contains 30% less salt than standard Cheddar, but it actually contains 50% less salt (at 0.3g per 30g of product) than standard Tesco own-label mild Cheddar (0.6g per 30g).

Wyke Farms sells a Super Light cheese containing even less salt - about 0.15g of sodium per 30g - using skimmed milk and vegetable oil, but it’s not a Cheddar.

“This reduced-salt Cheddar has been years in the making, ensuring that we launched with what we believe is a truly revolutionary product,” said Angela Pasco, head of sales and marketing for Joseph Heler.