Helen Browning's Organic saddleback pigs

Helen Browning will be supplying fresh pork to Riverford. Image: Helen Browning’s Organic

Riverford Organic has chosen Soil Association CEO Helen Browning’s pork business as its main supplier of pork products.

Helen Browning’s Organic sausages and bacon are stocked in UK supermarkets but until now its fresh pork has only been available at the company’s pub in Wiltshire.

Online organic food box retailer Riverford will now offer fresh chops, escalopes, diced pork, steaks and gammon joints for order online.

“After the recent meat scandals, it’s really good to be able to offer consumers a reliable source of organic pork,” said Helen Browning.

“With Riverford the customer can see who the farmer is and how the animals are cared for, and here at Helen Browning we are an open farm and are happy for people to come and visit us.”

Helen Browning’s Organic rears a breeding herd of 200 British saddleback sows on the company’s farm near Swindon.

Browning took up the role of CEO of the Soil Association in March 2011.

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