Fridays, a Kent-based egg supplier to the multiples, is making production more eco-friendly by installing nearly 200 solar panels and planting 8,000 trees in its paddocks.

The company is spending £200,000 on solar panels for an enriched cage development that will generate 38,680 kWh of energy annually up to 30% of the site's energy requirements. The improvements mean the development will require 50% less energy to produce each egg.

The new trees in Fridays' free-range paddocks are in addition to 25,000 already planted by the company. After the latest round of planting is completed, 20% of Fridays' 30 paddocks will be covered by trees.

"This is a really exciting project," said the company's marketing manager, David Friday. "You can see the birds love foraging under the trees and it's great for the environment."