Dairy Crest is refreshing its Frijj range of flavoured milks with three new premium flavours, to be rolled out to the mults this week.

The new variants are branded Frijj The Incredible and come in honeycomb choc swirl, sticky toffee pudding and raspberry jam doughnut flavours (rsp: £1.49). Each features a 'quirky character' on-pack Hugo Meeow, Magnus Monkee or Pablo Pooch and background stories to the characters are available on Facebook.

Andy Saitch, Dairy Crest liquids sales director, said Frijj The Incredible was the result of extensive consumer research and that he was confident the launch would attract new consumers to the category.

Dairy Crest's move into premium flavoured milk comes after rival Müller announced last week that it was launching flavoured milk in the UK. Müller's range is focused on more basic flavours than the new Frijj range.