The Japanese pavilion will play host to some of the most innovative and interesting products at the show. Ajinomoto, for instance, will introduce Okome Fukkura, an ingredient that can be added to rice to ensure it stays fluffy. This stand is also the place to discover some interesting drinks. Kimura Drink Company, for instance, produces a traditional Japanese drink called Ramune which, as well as being available in a traditional lemonade flavour, also comes in a fiery wasabi variant. Japan's oldest distilled liquor will also make an appearance at the show. Awamori is made from long-grain rice, yeast and black-koji mould, which turns the starch in the rice to sugar.

Clearspring, a London-based company, will be presenting some of its 90 organic food and drink lines, which are imported directly from Japan. These include shoyu and tamari (wheat-free) soy sauces, miso soups and sea vegetables.