The invigorating properties of drinking urine have long been documented - or have at least long been claimed by New Age fruit-loops with suspiciously tangy breath.

It's presumably only the fact that anyone with a functioning kidney or two can produce their very own supply of the stuff that no bright spark has tried to market it in a mass-produced product - until now.

A hard-line Hindu group in India is launching a drink based on cow's urine, combining whatever it is in urine that's supposed to be good for you with the spiritual qualities of their religion's sacred animal.

Its makers claim the drink - which also contains aloe vera, gooseberries and possibly some other things that haven't been excreted by a farmyard animal - will help combat disease in willing drinkers.

If so, their boast that the beverage will go from cow slash to cash cow and outperform Western soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi could well turn out to be not quite so fanciful after all.

Either way, Blogof would like to suggest that they name the doubtless appetising potion the Shambo Shandy, in honour of the temple Friesian controversially slaughtered in Wales in 2007.