A show the size of Anuga, with 6,500 exhibitors, offers some weird and wonderful new products. Here's a few that caught the attention of The Grocer:

Vitall Vitamin-Gel. Packaged in a small tube, this strawberry-flavoured gel claims to give consumers 100% of the RDA of 13 vitamins. It works well on a slice of bread, apparently.

Nopalburger. For the uninitiated, nopales are the paddle-shaped leaves of a cactus. They have been combined with onion, corn and carrot by German supplier Mex-Al El Sombrero to produce a burger that should tickle the tastebuds of adventurous veggies.

Espresso Rub. For anyone who wishes their meat or poultry tasted a bit more of coffee, this US product claims to perk up food with a smoky, roasted taste.

Potato Hand Balm. Should Brits lose their taste for crisps, farmers could perhaps follow Austria's Styx into personal care.