The old rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi was reignited in June this year with the launch of zero-sugar Coke Zero, dubbed 'bloke Coke'. Until then, Pepsi Max had enjoyed a 13-year unchallenged reign in the UK as the only low-calorie cola to be targeted at men.

As Coke wheeled out Wayne Rooney to fight its corner, Britvic's weapons included YouTube and TV ads featuring two male hitchhikers who carried a drinks meter that moved from Zero (when it rained) to Max (when Eva Langoria offered a lift).

Despite initial scepticism about bloke Coke, it has been the most successful new food and drink launch in the UK in the past three years, with sales of £24m, according to ACNielsen.

And its market share is fast approaching that of Pepsi Max.