Blow to Florida UK fruit juice manufacturers have been advised by Brussels that they are part of a retaliatory action against the US following increased steel duties recently imposed. Orange and grapefruit juice duties will rise dramatically. Originally, when the US imposed sanctions against EU steel manufacturers, the juice duties were to double as part of the retaliation. This week a new shortlist was announced by the EC, including the raising of Florida orange juice duty from 15.2% to 100%. An order is being laid before the Council Administrators on 17 May, with implementation planned on 18 June. Industry sources were shocked. A spokesman said: "This rate of increased duty will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on the Floridian industry as prices will have to rise. The impact of this will be to increase demand for product from other origins, namely Brazil or Spain." Hardest hit will be Tropicana which features Florida product as part of its marketing approach. {{CANNED GOODS }}