An Italian producer of fruit liqueurs is looking to expand distribution in the UK through specialist retailers.

The four variants, created in Italy's Amalfi coast region by producer Limoncello, will be sold through importer ­Liquor4sale in the UK.

The producer currently has listings through on-trade bars, mainly in ­London, and the products are available to buy online in the UK. "We are ready to expand into retail and are hoping to develop listings," said producer Sam Nakhai.

Flavours include the 25% abv Meloncello and Limoncello, as well as 17% abv Crema di Meloncello and the nutty Crema di Nocciole. Prices range from £15 to £17 for a 75cl bottle.

"Our Meloncello is unique, as it is difficult to produce," said Nakhai. "There are some variations on the creme of melon variant in existence, but we are the only real liquor producer for melon from Italy.

"The Amalfi coast offers us the ideal climate for growing fruit," he explained, "and we produce our organic lemons there."