Britvic Soft Drinks is postponing the launch of its new ready to drink range for kids, Robinsons Fruit Shoot, until it has investigated potential risks to young children of the sports bottle cap. A statement from Britvic said: "Fruit Shoot uses a type of closure which is widely available in the marketplace. "However, it has come to our attention that the end of the resealable sports closure can come off in the mouth, if misused by children, and there is a minimal risk it could be swallowed. "As a responsible family brand, Robinsons has taken the decision to delay the launch of Fruit Shoot until we are satisfied we have a resealable closure safe for use by children." Britvic had planned a £4m marketing programme to support the April launch of Fruit Shoot, including TV and internet advertising. The idea behind launching the drink in sports bottles ­ in 300ml single packs and four or eight bottle 200ml multipacks ­ was to make it trendier and cooler in the playground compared with the more babyish image of cartons. A spokeswoman said the launch was on hold until further notice. She said the company put safety first and it would only launch the product when it was sure the bottle cap was 100% safe for kids. {{P&P }}