Twinings is banking on comedian and TV personality Stephen Fry to help it claim a larger share of the coffee market.

The company's latest campaign, which will be fronted by Fry, marks the first time Twinings has pushed its Coffee Blends brand on TV following its venture into the coffee market earlier this year.

In the ad, which is set in a Los Angeles tea shop, silver-tongued Fry presents a cultural contrast to a streetwise LA sidekick called Tyrone as the two men explore four blends: Intense, Rich, Mellow and Decaff.

The advert airs this month and will run until Christmas.

Twinings launched the four coffees, which are made from pure Arabica beans, in April and promised a £3m campaign would kick off in the autumn.

Since the April launch, nearly a third of the brand's sales have come from consumers who had not bought roast or ground coffee in the past year, according to Twinings UK sales director Jon Jenkins.