A new German wheat beer is attempting to take on InBev's Hoegaarden. Fullback Imports is positioning Kapuziner as an alternate style of wheat beer to Hoegaarden and has secured a listing in Morrisons, which will be selling three variants of the beer for a three-month period. Fullback then hopes to secure wider listings for the range. "The launch of any brand is a risk, so we are giving it to Morrisons to build a case study to show people how it's doing," said Justin Horsman. "We already have relationships with retailers on other brands, so we would like to talk to them afterwards." Fullback Imports was founded last year and has already launched Zagorka Bulgarian beer into Waitrose and Booths, and Peerdebrug Blond from Belgium in Tesco. It is also distributing Polish brand Wojak, principally through the cash and carry trade, and launching Saku from Estonia in upmarket pubs and clubs.