Cadbury looks set to further encroach on Wrigley territory if the US launch of a functional gum under its Trident brand makes its way to the UK.

Cadbury Adams, the confectionery giant's US arm, hit the US this week with a gum that includes Recaldent, an ingredient it claims will help rebuild tooth enamel.

If the gum comes to the UK, it would go head-to-head with Wrigley's Orbit Complete range, which contains Xylitol - an ingredient claimed to fight plaque. It would also signal a move away from focusing on habitual chewers, Trident's original target in the UK.

Cadbury, which has the exclusive US rights to the Recaldent ingredient, said Trident Xtra Care was a "significant advance" for chewing gum in the US, but refused to say if a UK launch was imminent.

In its latest challenge to Wrigley's UK dominance, Cadbury will next month launch four gel-filled variants, including a mint-chocolate flavoured gum.