The Federation of Wholesale Distributors has come up with a plan to stop so-called rogue traders selling alcohol at extremely low prices.
Anyone selling beers, wines and spirits at suspiciously low prices will be asked to show HM Revenue and Customs their receipts to reveal their source of supply and show proof of excise duty being paid on goods.
John Murphy, director general of FWD, said: “We have reports from several members who say they have noted examples of very low price offers by people on the fringes of our industry.”
He added that the strategy had come about as a result of senior level talks between FWD, customs officials and major drinks owners.
Legitimate wholesalers have been asked to step up their watchdog role and efforts to report suspicious pricing levels to customs.
The issue of illegal operators in the wholesale market has been a major concern for legitimate wholesalers over the course of the year.
In some cases, blowing the whistle has been made difficult by a fear of reprisals. However, in August, leading wholesalers unanimously told The Grocer they would be prepared to blow the whistle on illegal rivals.
Murphy claimed that, in some cases, major lager brands are being sold at up to £2 per case below the cheapest legitimate cost price.