Gala Tea and Coffee is aiming to infuse life into the flagging hot beverages market with the launch of two Continental-style espresso products under its Lyons brand.
Retail sales and marketing manager Louise Lloyd-Rossi said the idea behind the new range was to harness growing interest in darker, stronger coffee.
"Sales of espresso makers have increased dramatically," she added.
"Consumers are looking to recreate the café ¥xperience in their own homes." Available now, Espresso is a full-bodied product made from 100% Arabica coffee beans for use in all coffee makers and espresso machines.
It comes in a 227g stabilo pack which features a special one-way valve that allows the coffee to be packed immediately after roasting to preserve freshness. Rsp: £1.99
Espresso Pods are due to hit shelves next month. Aimed at in-home convenience, each provides a single cup serving.
Foil-packed separately, they come in an 18-pod 125g box.