Rosie Davenport
Ernest & Julio Gallo has stepped up its marketing plans for the UK as it chases a larger slice of the European wine market.
In addition to the US company's £7m relaunch of the Wine Cellars range as Sierra Valley with the support of press adverts during the summer (The Grocer, March 15, p70), Rivercrest will also receive a £2.5m marketing boost ­ its first major investment since launching a year ago.
Targeting younger wine consumers, the ads use a series of statements relating to traditional wine rules including Always serve white wine with fish' followed by the tagline Rivercrest enjoy it your own way'.
The premium £9.99-a-bottle Coastal range will also see added promotion through a direct main campaign, and the planned relaunch of Turning Leaf remains on track for later this year.
The company is looking at a range of initiatives to move retailers away from discounting, which it said was close to making wine the next casualty in value terms after beer.
A free glass giveaway with each bottle of Sierra Valley purchased in Asda, Spar and Makro outlets is the first initiative planned, and kicks off in June.