Gallo Family Vineyards and Walkers Sensations have joined forces for a joint on-pack promotion called Divine With Wine.

The campaign aims to highlight the strong association between evening snacking and wine drinking - 20% of Sensations consumption in the evening occurs with wine, according to brand-owner PepsiCo.

The campaign offers consumers the chance to win either £1 off a bottle of Gallo wine or a free bottle. It will appear on 10 million bags of Sensations and on collars of 600,000 bottles of Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

There will also be joint in-store displays, advertising, crisp and wine matching events and PoS highlighting the promotion.

"What is exciting about this partnership is that we are linking a high-frequency purchase, crisps, with a high-value one, wine," said Jane Hunter, marketing director Western Europe, Gallo Family Vineyards. "This makes it a great opportunity for consumers and also retailers, particularly as baskets containing wine are typically worth on average 84% more."

After the promotion has finished, Sensations will continue to carry tasting notes recommending a wine to match the crisps.

Both companies said they hoped this initial promotion was the start of a longer relationship. "This promotion is a natural winner we believe consumers will love," said Jon Goldstone, vice president of marketing, Walkers Sensations.