Spanish wine producer Gandia is adding to its portfolio with six wines for the UK market.
A range of varietal wines priced around £4.49 will be released under the brand name as well as two wines with the Hoya de Cadenas banner.
The launches follow the completion of work to build a new winery at Gandia's estate in Valencia. The wines will join the brand's flagship offering, Ceremonia.

E&J Gallo will use this year's Australia Day wine tastings in Edinburgh, London and Dublin to showcase wine from its McWilliam's Hanwood Estate portfolio.
The featured wines will be from the 2002 vintage, the second year the wines have been produced since the joint venture with Australia's McWilliam's winery started.
A Chardonnay and Shiraz will be on show at the events which start on January 28 in Scotland before travelling to Ireland and ending up in London on February 4.

Retailers are running a promotion on French Kiss wine to coincide with St Valentine's day.
The Co-op and Sainsbury will be selling bottles of the red wine for £3.99, compared to the normal £4.99.
Both promotions run for a three week period. The wine, from the south of France, features an image of a couple kissing and is aimed at adding a "touch of class to liaisons".