Gaymer Cider Company is celebrating the first anniversary of its controversial relaunch of Blackthorn cider with a £2m spend.

The blokey campaign, including posters on YouTube sites and online activity, pokes fun at things that aren't 'The Way They Should Be' - the brand's new strapline.

Posters depicting humorous faux pas, such as men wearing socks and sandals, will be stamped with the word 'Thorned'.

A micro-website has been created where consumers can log their grievances. Kicking off later this month, the campaign would help further boost sales, which were up 26% [Nielsen MAT to 23 January 2010], by attracting new consumers, predicted Peter Spencer, MD of Gaymer Cider Co.

Gaymer angered Blackthorn loyalists 12 months ago when it relaunched the cider with a lower abv.