The Gaymer Cider Company is to launch a mulled cider in an attempt to reduce its portfolio’s reliance on the summer sales period.

It is also moving away from the cider over ice proposition in favour of super-chilled ciders, MD John Mills told The Grocer. The mulled offer was an attempt to attract wine drinkers as well as cider drinkers looking for premium and niche products, he said. “When we’ve made mulled cider for events it’s always proved extremely popular, with people asking where they can buy it from,” he explained. “Cider fans on the lookout for something more interesting and wine drinkers looking to try cider will enjoy the idea of a mulled cider.”

Gaymer’s Mulled Cider is scheduled to hit shelves in September, in time for Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and Christmas. It contains a dry Somerset-style cider, spices and citrus flavours and comes in a wine-style 75cl bottle, priced at £2.79.

The company is also focusing on autumn and winter with its flagship Gaymers range, shifting from Gaymers over ice to Gaymers super-chilled.

“Last year we launched super-chilled fonts for the Original and Pear ciders into the on-trade and we are looking to bring this focus to the off-trade as well,” said Mills. “Ice cold has more flavour than served over ice and is more of a year-round proposition,” he added. In 2007 17.7% of cider sales were generated over the festive period [Nielsen 8w/e December 2007].