Global Brands Limited (GBL) is reviewing its beer operations after dropping two of its three remaining beers.

"We have terminated our relationship with Estonian beer manufacturer Viru and Caribbean lager Carib and will no longer be distributing the brands in the UK," said a spokeswoman.

"We are looking to shake out poor-performing brands and focus more attention on the more successful brands in our portfolio."

The news follows the departure of beer brands director John Harley "a few months ago", and the loss of Tsingtao last year.

The company is left with South American Salitos and, as part of the review, is overhauling the strategy and looking at new brands to bring into the portfolio.

"At the moment there is no talk of getting rid of the beer business completely," it told The Grocer.

At the end of last year GBL split with Chinese beer Tsingtao, following some confusion over the exclusivity of the deal as ethnic specialist Westmill was also distributing it.

Halewood International picked up the brand, which it continues to distribute.

Harley joined the company from Budweiser Budvar UK, where he was chief executive, in 2006 to head up the new beer division. The Grocer was unable to contact him at the time of going to press.

GBL said it was concentrating on expanding its range of sprits and supporting VK Vodka Kick brand.