A campaign to rejuvenate the beer market is winning backing across the industry. Coors has been working on its Beer Naturally Initiative for the last 18 months and believes it has the potential to become a major industry initiative which will fight back against the erosion of beer sales by other drinks, particularly wine. It now has the support of the Independent Family Brewer of Britain, whose 33 members include many of the key regionals. Spokesman William Lees-Jones said: "The campaign is a great way to remind people about the different styles and flavours of beers." Coors marketing director Mark Hunter said: "We can either allow the beer market decline to continue or we can do something about it. What we are aiming to do is remind people about the taste and health benefits of beer." The first stage of the initiative will be a concerted PR campaign to trade and consumers highlighting the good things about of beer. {{DRINKS }}