The German wine industry has been told it must decide whether it is prepared to invest in the UK market. Wine and Spirit Association chairman Chris Searle told representatives of the German government and its wine industry at a recent meeting that success in the UK requires producers to continue to innovate and keep pace with fast moving trends, and this must be supported by investment. "They need to make a strategic decision about whether they want to be niche players or focus on developing quality German wine in the UK. For the second option to succeed, there must be sufficient investment in marketing and production techniques to support the innovation." The German Charter 2005 initiative, designed to encourage more effective marketing of mid-market wines, has begun to pay off according to a report by Richard Jones of the WSA's German wine shippers' committee. He said the decline in market share has been arrested and the sales growth of the new drier wines reflects a small but distinct sea change in consumer attitudes. {{DRINKS }}