Guinness UDV (now Diageo UK) used clear communication to achieve 100% compliance for a category-building exercise across 400 stores, including Tesco, Morrisons and Safeway. Rather than limiting contact to the retailers' head offices, Guinness also used field teams and installation teams which communicated directly with the stores to improve the category using PoP material. The results were impressive. In 10 test stores over a period of four months sales increased 25% and volume was up 24%, according to research by ID Magasin. Total stout sales were up 10% and beer by 4%. The new fixture made stout easier to find, so consumers spent less time shopping the fixture at 1.53 minutes, down from 2.08 minutes. And at a cost of £400 per unit, including installation, Guinness achieved payback within four months. {{COVER FEATURE }}