A £100m global advertising budget will back Gillette's biggest launch since Mach3. The company claims it will be spending £10m in the UK in the first year to promote its Venus razor for women. Billed as the most significant advance in the history of female wet shaving, the Venus system has been in development for several years and is covered by more than 50 US patents. Jackie Jordan, business unit director for grooming, Gillette UK, said: "The Venus system is a landmark product which will have a huge impact on this category. "The innovative design demonstrates our commitment to, and understanding of, women's distinctive needs and habits. "We believe it is this detailed insight into what women want that has fuelled female shaving category growth over the last decade since the launch of Sensorexcel." Gillette is predicting that the female hair removal market will grow from £121m this year to nearly £170m by 2003, and claims the Venus system will contribute £43m of the additional growth. Stocks of the new shaver will be shipped to the UK in March next year, carrying a recommended retail price of £5.49 for the razor, and £5.99 for a four pack of cartridges. {{NEWS }}