Gillette has been ordered to remove the strapline on its David Beckham fronted M3 Power shaver advertising campaign in Germany, after rivals Wilkinson Sword took the company to court.
The provisional ruling puts an immediate ban on advertising and packaging that claims the M3 Power wet razor delivers micro-pulses, causing facial hairs to stand up to produce a closer shave.
Wilkinson Sword’s European vice-president Colin Hutchison said: “Our scientific evidence indicates that Gillette’s claims for M3 Power go well beyond the capabilities of the product.
“By challenging claims that we believe cannot be sustained we are protecting the integrity of the wet shaving category.”
Wilkinson Sword suggested that the preliminary injunction in Germany could pave the way for similar action in the UK.
Gillette launched M3 Power in the UK and in Germany in September.
It is not known whether Gillette will challenge the ruling. UK representatives said they were unable to comment.