Ginsters is relaunching its sandwiches and adding a raft of new products to its chilled snacking range.
Its sandwich range will contain upgraded ingredients, including the bread, to increase the quality of the lunchtime snack from February 9.
The packaging is also being revamped in Ginsters’ black colour in line with the rest of the Ginsters savoury range - with clearer indication on-pack of whether the sandwich is part of Ginsters’ Simply, Less Than 350
Cal, Deep Fill or Big Eat ranges. New additions to the portfolio include Breakfast, Pork Stuffing & Apple rolls, Mediterranean Tuna, Cheese Salsa wraps plus a Triple Meat Feast sandwich.
To support the brand, Ginsters is investing £6.5m in a marketing campaign in which £3m will be spent sponsoring Channel 5’s new sitcom Joey. The Friends spin-off series will broadcast weekly from February 13 for 22 weeks. The sponsorship will also be supported by a radio and press campaign. Ginsters’ head of marketing, Andy Valentine, said: “This series will reach a huge audience with an excellent profile for our brand.”