Lyme Regis Foods has declared war on kids’ junk food with the launch of a natural snack bar.
Kidz Break bars are a smooth, chewy blend of fruit and oats.
Containing up to just six ingredients, they do not contain any hidden additives that can jeopardise the healthiness of some products, such as corn syrup, dextrose or hydrogenated vegetable oil, according to the company. “Many people only look at the nutritional value of snack bars,” said Graeme Mulheron, sales and marketing manager. “What they don’t realise is that, while the fat and sugar content may be low, the bar contains very few natural products, so the child could be eating a bar containing a high level of additives.”
Kidz Break is sweetened with fruit juice concentrate and comes in raisin, blackcurrant and chocolate flavours (rsp: £1.59 for five).