A limited edition brand extension to Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky is being launched through distributor First Drinks Brands in time for Christmas.

The Glenfiddich Toasted Oak Reserve 12-year-old is matured in hand-selected casks whose toasted interiors give the whisky a rich caramel toffee flavour and a sweet vanilla aroma. The barrels were originally used to mature US whiskey.

Malt master David Stewart said: "We have come a long way in understanding the impact wood has on the final flavour of maturing spirits. Glenfiddich Toasted Oak Reserve reflects this because only casks that have given the perfect vanilla and oak flavour have been selected."

The whisky, which is distilled by family-owned distiller William Grant & Sons, will be priced at £25.99.

First Drinks is urging trading up at Christmas but will also be focusing on marketing outside the ­festive period, such as Glenfiddich National Conversation Week in April.