Snack and confectionery group Glisten has forecourts in its sights following the acquisitions of nut supplier Dormen Foods and a 50% stake in low-calorie sweet maker Skinny Candy.

Glisten, which paid £7.5m for Dormen Foods and £150,000 for the stake in Skinny Candy, currently sells its products through multiple supermarkets.

But CEO Paul Simmonds said Dormen Foods would give Glisten access to

petrol stations. "With Dormen, which already has products in forecourts, we are in an excellent position to enter new channels for these products and even across the rest of our range," he said.

Simmonds said he believed there was untapped potential for Skinny Candy in forecourts. " I can see the brand going into places that do not traditionally stock healthier sweets, such as petrol stations," he said.

This week Glisten revealed pre-tax profit up 18% to £5.7m on sales up 5% to £58.6m for the year to 30 June.