Our thanks this week go to Global Brands for giving us a reason to use a picture taken at England's magnificant 5:1 victory over Germany. Look closely and you will see the ad hoarding for the company's premium packaged spirit Vodka Kick in the background. A very excited Steven J Garcia Perez, whose day job is md of Global Brands, e-mailed us to say: "Every time the VK Vodka Kick advertising boards came up England scored. And it was the same at the Greece game!" Hmm, we're not so sure about that. But The Grocer's hacks are a superstitious bunch so we urge Steven to get his budgets sorted so he can advertise at the finals! If we are totally honest, Global Brands didn't have the best hoarding on the night. That particular honour goes to the country's top tabloid for its Sven Goran Erik The Sun ad. All of which begs an obvious question: Was It The Sun Wot Won It? {{COUNTERPOINT }}