There is a glimmer of hope that globally acceptable criteria for wine labels could soon be agreed. The debate has been rumbling on for the past decade. Everyone can agree the basics of country of origin and level of alcohol but the devil is in the detail. This has been used to create trade barriers which have prevented access to markets for some wines. The Wine and Spirit Association has taken an active role on the issue. Spokesman John Corbett-Milward said: "At present producers need an army of bureaucrats to make sure what goes on the label is legal. The key is to remove the slight differences that can be used as an excuse for non tariff barriers to trade. The WSA has been working with the International Federation of Wines and Spirits (FIVS) which is committed to removing the bureaucracy and harmonising labels. Its proposals have to go through the approval process of the Office Internationale de la Gigne et du Vin (OIV). {{DRINKS }}