Unilever is spooning out £5.4m in support for a relaunch of its Knorr Ragu brand, which includes a reformulated recipe, revamped packaging and a multi-media campaign.

On shelf from the end of the month, a new jar design is aimed at making the brand stand out in a cluttered category. It has a more curvaceous shape than previous incarnations and features an updated label that focuses on an improved recipe with more tomatoes.

Media support is set to include TV and cinema later in the year, along with press advertising, which is expected to appear in women's lifestyle and food titles.

Chloe Irwin, Knorr business operations manager at Unilever UK Foods, said: "We already have a great product and these changes make it even better. We strongly believe that our new jar will become an iconic shape that will provide true standout on a cluttered and generic fixture.

"Coupled with the improved recipe, this will help to drive brand growth and add category value."