Another hellish week of packed aisles and out of stocks was cushioned by an abundance of good deals. One of the best was 15% off 100g jars of Nescafé at Sainsbury and Somerfield, cutting the price by 25p. Extra-free promotions were rife such as 25% extra in packs of McVitie's chocolate Homewheat at the Co-op, and 50% extra free on sausages at Morrisons. This store also had a bogof on Penguin eight-packs. At Asda, Stella on offer at £3.92 wiped stock off the shelf. The store's only other out of stock was McCain's Home Fries because of a freezer breakdown. Low stocks were much in evidence at the Co-op where our shopper repeatedly bagged the last product on shelf. However, it was Tesco which fared worse with five missing items. Sainsbury at Whitley Bay checked in the cheapest full basket at £40.47, but our shopper said shelf fillers spoilt the trip by causing bottlenecks in aisles. Morrisons suffered from aisle congestion, as did Tesco. But this was nothing compared to Safeway where our shopper was shocked at how untidy the store was. The fruit and veg area was especially bad with pallets stacked high with empty boxes, some even falling on passers by. Here half of the weighing/pricing machines were out of action. {{GROCER 33 }}