A UK tea company is aiming to boost the profile of what it claims is the first carbon neutral tea.

Today Was Fun initially launched its organic Green Green Tea earlier this year into Harvey Nichols and independent specialist retailers but, as climate change hits the top of the national agenda, founder Sharyn Wortman believes the product is now particularly relevant.

"You don't have to be a crazy enviromentalist to help," she said. "Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, so why not make it good for the earth at the same time?"

The tea is made from Chinese leaves called Chun Mee, which translates as 'precious eyebrow' and refers to their shape. According to the company, they are the best tea leaves in the world. Green tea is already well known for its antioxidant benefits, which boost the body's immune system, but the newcomer is also positioned as environmentally sound.

Wortman enlisted the help of the CarbonNeutral Company to calculate how much carbon is produced by making and transporting the tea and Today Was Fun puts money into new energy or forestry projects via the CarbonNeutral Company to cancel out the effects on the environment.

Packaging, which is made from board from managed forestry, includes quirky references to reasons to drink the brand, such as 'Another ice age is just going to make everyone cold, miserable and grumpy'.