Gillette is showing that it’s not just men that need high-tech shaving solutions, with the introduction of its first powered wet razor for women in the UK.
Venus Vibrance is a battery-powered razor that pulsates to gently exfoliate skin during shaving, a quality that Gillette said would encourage consumers to trade up from standard manual razors. According to its research, exfoliation is one of the most sought after skin benefits in female grooming.
The razor, which also includes moisture glide strips that release lubrication and three blades
to justify its premium £8.99 price tag, has currently only been available in the US but will be launched over here early next year. Gillette would not put a price on its marketing spend, but said Venus Vibrance would be supported with its highest media spend in the female category since the launch of its Venus range five years ago. This will include a TV ad in line with previous Venus creatives, including one that shows a woman on the beach rubbing sand through her hands to raise awareness of the exfoliation benefit of the product.
“This is the biggest news since we launched Venus in 2001,” said Steve Daley, female business manager at Gillette. “Venus Vibrance brings new technology to the market to meet rising demands and expectations of our female customers.”
A new shave gel, Radiant Apricot Satin Care, which contains apricot oil and vitamins, will be on shelves to coincide with the
Stefan Chomka