Granny Smith apples have increased in popularity in the UK, despite fears they were being written off because of the growth of sweeter bi-coloured varieties. Imports have risen from 52,000 tonnes to 68,000 tonnes, with their value up from £57m to £74m [TNS year to August 2004].
Granny Smith’s best month was August, when it accounted for 17% of all apple sales - four percentage points higher than the average for the rest of the year, said Capespan.
Braeburn imports have dropped by 12% to 88,000
tonnes and are down 7% in value to £125m.
Pink Lady continues to gain ground. According to the latest TNS estimates, sales are up 50% to £345.3m with volumes up 56% to 16,400 tonnes.
The UK apple market was static, with volumes at 500,000 tonnes while value increased by 3% to £649m.