Organic egg production specialist Grassington Rangers has constructed two new organic chicken sheds in a bid to keep up with increased demand.

Grassington made the £470,000 investment in response to demand for UK organic eggs outstripping supply, the company said.

Each of the new sheds holds 9,000 chickens and boosts Grassington's total flock to 60,000 chickens across six farms. Its total output rises to 20 million eggs per year with the new facilities. The sheds allow the chickens to range freely indoors and include perches, fresh straw and unlimited access to water and food.

Grassington supplies many of the leading multiples through Noble Foods, including eggs to Sainsbury's Woodland Organic range. "Fully organic egg production is at the core of our business, and we are passionate about it," said Grassington Rangers' manager Peter Barton. "We have been enthused at the rate of growth Grassington has seen as more people opt for organic eggs."